Alcohol Breath Analyzer

Alcohol Breath Analyzer

This is the first post of our alcohol breath analyzer blog.  We hope to provide alot of great content regarding alcohol breath testing and specifically, using portable alcohol breath analyzers.

Breathalyzer’s are important to help reduce DUI offenses and can be alot of fun for people as well as a good deterrent for driving if you see a reading of .08 BAC or greater on them.

Popular Breathalyzer Brands

  • Alcohawk
  • BACTrack
  • Alcohawk ABI
  • AlcoHAWK Pro

Breath Testing Information

We’ll be posting information regarding testing your breath for alcohol and how it pertains to drunk driving (DUI) offenses.  If there is anything, or any topic you need information about please let us know so we can talk about it.

Welcome, and thanks for staying tuned…


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